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European Skills P...

European Skills Plus competitions in preparation

The first edition of the European Competitions of Skills Plus will take place on the 16th of March 2017 at RAI Amsterdam The Skills Plus competitions are contests for teams and guarantee an unforgettable experience! Both individual and team skills play a part in the competitions and reflect the current situation on the labour market. […]

Team Bulgaria in ...

Team Bulgaria in preparation for the European Skills+ Competitions!

  On February 9-10, just a couple of days from now, the Adam Smith College of Management (BG) team will travel to Tryavna for two days of intensive interviews and prep sessions with the Bulgarial finalists who will fly to Amsterdam in March to compete against representatives of 5 other countries in the first ever skills competition for […]

Participants qual...

After some very exciting National Competitions, the first participants have qualified for the Skills Plus European Competitions which will take place on the 16th of March 2017 at the RAI, Amsterdam.     Almost all of the National Competitions have taken place (Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, the Netherlands), with only Slovenia and Italy left. The teams […]

National Competit...

National Competitions in the Netherlands!

On the 17th of January 2017, the SKILLS+ National Competitions in the categories green jobs and hospitality (incl. catering) took place in Burgh-Haamstede. Upon arrival, the participants, buddies and judges were treated to a nice lunch after which everyone had some time to calm their nerves and get acquainted with their workplaces. It was a […]

National competit...

National competitions in the Czech Republic

A total of 30 students participated in the Czech competitions. They were divided into 10 teams of three. The categories were electrician, green jobs and ICT. Choosing the winners was very hard because all students demonstrated excellent skills, excitement and teamwork skills. We are looking forward to March 2017, when we everyone will meet in Amsterdam for the […]

National competit...

National competitions in Germany

Dear all, The Paraskills National Competition from SALO in Schwerin, Germany, started early this morning. Three teams – two in the green jobs, one in the hospitality( incl. catering) – are working on their tasks right now. Fortunately the weather is quite warm and partly sunny. The 12 participants in total, accompanied by their teachers, […]

The flyers are he...

The flyers are here!

We hereby share with you the flyer for the Paraskills Competitions project. A skills competition for people with a labour disability where we focus on the talents of this target audience instead of on their disability. To encourage and promote the qualities that people with a disability can bring to the labour market. The first […]

Transnational mee...

Transnational meeting in Rome

The Paraskills Competition Project transnational meetings are taking place in Rome at the A.N.F.E. office where the partners are discussing the assignments of the National and International Skills Competitions in The Netherlands in 2017. We can finally show you the Skills+ official logo and we will soon be able to share more information on the […]

Paraskills in Erasmus+ promo video

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New Downloads

Flyer No.2 - English

Flyer No.2 - English version. Available for download.

Flyer No.2 - Dutch

Flyer No.2 - Dutch version. Available for download.

Flyer No.2 - German

Flyer No.2 - German version. Available for download.

Flyer No.2 - Italian

Flyer No.2 - Italian version. Available for download.

Flyer No.2 - Czech

Flyer No.2 - Czech version. Available for download.

Flyer No.2 - Bulgarian

Flyer No.2 - Bulgarian version. Available for download.