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European Skills P...

European Skills Plus competitions in preparation

The first edition of the European Competitions of Skills Plus will take place on the 16th of March 2017 at RAI Amsterdam The Skills Plus competitions are contests for teams and guarantee an unforgettable experience! Both individual and team skills play a part in the competitions and reflect the current situation on the labour market. […]

In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that Paraskills project partners announce that on May 24, 2015 we lost a brilliant member of our professional community, a visionary of education and technology, a sportsman, a gentleman. Ian Lynch, Founder and Director of The Learning Machine (UK), passed away on this day after a sudden and massive heart […]

A new Paraskills ...

The Bulgarian partner in Paraskills Project, the Adam Smith College of Management, is pleased to announce that they have established a partnership with the Local branch of the Agency for people with disabilities in the town of Tryavna, Gabrovo Region. In a meeting with the director, Mrs Donika Balabanova, the Adam Smith College’s director Mr […]

ILO on employing ...

The International Labour Organisation (ILO), the UN’s specialised agency for labour, has published this video to demonstrate how people with disabilities represent an untapped pool of skills that can enhance business. The video is named “The Ability Factor: Employing people with disabilities makes good business sense”. Play it, think about it, and share it.

Paraskills sets f...

ANFE, the Italian partner in Paraskills project, has published an official project brief which is available to the media and other stakeholders from their website. Further information on the project and the scope of activities planned for Italy may be obtained from the project coordinator for Italy: Elisabetta Briguglio, Capo Segreteria Nazionale, ANFE, Via Federico Cesi, 44 – […]

Project flyer ava...

The information flyer for Paraskills project is now available in partners’ languages in the restricted Partner Area of the website. Individual partners are in charge of servicing the communication channels in their respective countries, so please feel free to contact the partner organisation nearest to you for more detailes on project status and information materials.

Paraskills logo a...

The partners have approved the Paraskills project logo. It will be complemented by the Paraskills Competition logo in the course of the project to ensure maximum visibility and awareness. The logo refers to the olympic colors and diversity of skills.

Paraskills in Erasmus+ promo video

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Flyer No.2 - English

Flyer No.2 - English version. Available for download.

Flyer No.2 - Dutch

Flyer No.2 - Dutch version. Available for download.

Flyer No.2 - German

Flyer No.2 - German version. Available for download.

Flyer No.2 - Italian

Flyer No.2 - Italian version. Available for download.

Flyer No.2 - Czech

Flyer No.2 - Czech version. Available for download.

Flyer No.2 - Bulgarian

Flyer No.2 - Bulgarian version. Available for download.