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In Memoriam

IanLynch-inmemoriamIt is with great sadness that Paraskills project partners announce that on May 24, 2015 we lost a brilliant member of our professional community, a visionary of education and technology, a sportsman, a gentleman.

Ian Lynch, Founder and Director of The Learning Machine (UK), passed away on this day after a sudden and massive heart attack. We will miss him dearly and we remain committed to the values we all shared together, to the vision of a better future for our children and schools, for people with disabilities and those deprived of opportunities to develop their potential. Ian was much more than a colleague, he was a long-time friend to many of us.

On June 15, 2015, Paraskills management board members Theo Grefkens (NL), Andy Stoycheff (BG) and Hans Vrind (DE) paid their respects to Rosemary Lynch and her sons Chris and Ben at the memorial service held for Ian at Tamworth, Staffordshire. It was a remarkable celebration of Ian’s life and achievements, and it was a truly emotional experience to feel the love of so many people who had gathered on this occasion. We passed the warm words of compassion and sympathy on behalf of the entire Paraskills team across the EU. TLM will continue its involvement in Paraskills, and the appropriate steps have been taken to allow for Ian’s family and business to come to terms with their loss and step back in when they are ready for it. They will have our full and unconditional support during and after this most difficult transition.

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